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Here are some good tips for renting a boat

Marinemax Reviews - buying your dream boat

Renting a boat is a very easy plan at this time. You can rent a boat every weekend, or go out for a few hours in a motor boat. 

Other boat rental packages are also available on the individual boat rental sites, and you also have review pages like Marinemax Reviews, with opinions of other users about the service. Now, here are the words of the boat rental experts.

Why rent a boat for your vacation?

Spending your vacations on the water is no longer such a boring activity, even if it is to rent a barge in the canals of France. There are several activities available, such as moorings and a bike tour program to explore the nature around the channel. 

You can also go horseback riding if you visit parks that offer this type of activity. There is a jet ski on board, which you can enjoy, water skiing and also a visit to each of the regions you visit.

For this family we rent cruises for a destination at sea. You can try the beaches and admire the typical dishes of the area. You can dive, enter coves and caves like in Valencia, you can also admire the shows on the beach like in Ibiza and also the guided tour programs like this getaway in Spain.

Succeeding in a trip at sea

The first thing to do is to compare boat rental offers online, as well as the opinions of other customers on sites like Marinemax Reviews. Choose the one that offers you several boats available. Affordable price and flexibility when returning the boat.

The second thing is to check all the activities offered by this charter. Waterskiing, jet-skiing on board, snorkeling, surfing and much more. You have an itinerary already drawn up so that each day represents a well-defined program.

The third thing is not to rush when you deliver the boat. If you are sailing with a professional skipper or the owner himself, this should not be a problem. But if you are the skipper of the boat yourself, it is better to be attentive to the delivery.

And finally, this may not be marked anywhere, but commit yourself to taking out comprehensive insurance to travel peacefully.

5 tips to travel by boat in total safety

Enjoying a boat trip is, without a doubt, an experience that many would like to live. If you are lucky enough to have a boat trip it is important that you take into account a series of tips to travel by boat safely and that nothing and nobody spoils this great experience.

So that everything goes smoothly, we are going to offer you five tips to travel by boat with total security. Do you get on board with us?

  1. If you don’t have the necessary accreditation to take a boat, you can hire a skipper who will have the necessary technical knowledge and the corresponding qualification. If you have this qualification but do not have previous sailing experience, we recommend you not to risk it and hire a skipper to avoid disappointment.
  2. Watch out for more people than you can handle! Each boat is approved for a certain number of people and also for sailing in a certain area, so don’t break the rules! Remember that what is at stake is your safety and nothing is worth more than that.
  3. With the force of the waves, the boat will make movements with which we must take precautions. Forget about going barefoot in the boat. The best way to avoid scares is to use white non-slip soled boats and of course, girls… We leave the heels on dry land!
  4. Watch out for the drink! To be able to enjoy this experience with a good champagne is a plus, but beware of stepping on the elbow too much, it can cost you an upset.
  5. Spend the time you spend at sea, remember that hydration is essential, especially in summer when the Mediterranean sun shines. In addition, it is important that this water is bottled, the fresh water that the boat has will be for washing. For cooking and drinking it is recommended to use bottled water.

We hope that these tips will be useful to you when renting a boat, finally we recommend you to take a good look at the options available, the reputation of the companies in pages like Marinemax Reviews and the services they offer. In this way you can be sure to have the best experience.